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Terms and Agreements


The Following Proprietarity and Confidentiality Terms Apply Inherently throughout this site.

YOU acknowledge that any information not generally known by or disclosed to the public, including but not limited to this document, graphics, computer programs, source code, ideas, algorithms, inventions, etc., are the property of PcPc and may not be utilized, modified, or released in any format, in part or in whole, without the express written permission of PcPc. All copyrights for PUBLISHED and UNPUBLISHED material porvided by or in relation to PcPc are exclusively PcPc's.

The terms that apply for Propspective and Existing Clients are as follows:

This Agreement has been posted to a non-public domain for review by prospective and existing clients of PcPc Websites and Graphics.

For Prospective Clients, A CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT will be detailed outlining a FEE SCHEDULE, service arrangements, YOUR estimated fees, other terms and conditions. This AGREEMENT will establish Internet WEB Hosting and/or Design Services upon payment.

OUTLINED DESIGN FEES are base amounts and subject to change with regard to content and complexity. CHANGES TO DESIGN will be billed separately.


CANCELLATION for any services must be made 60 days prior to monthly billing cycle by a qualified email transmission or postage service.

DOMAIN NAME: Domain Registration is included with Basic Hosting. Any fees to change or transfer an Internet Domain Name will be additional. Any and all claims which may be held against PcPc for any loss, damage, claim or expense arising out of or in relation to the registration and instrumentation of such Domain Name shall be waived by Client.

MINIMUM TERM FOR HOSTING will be 12 months for standard sites, 18 months for Secure, Server-Side or e-Commerce sites.

PAYMENT: All Setup, First Quarter Hosting, and 50% of the estimated Design Fees are due at the time the Agreement is Accepted. Subsequent payments are due according to the selected fee schedule following the establishment of the web space or service on the Internet.

Web Hosting will be billed a minimum of one (1) month in advance depending on the selected fee schedule.

Web Design and Services will be billed within one (1) month of service.

Payments are due as indicated. In the event that the Client fails to pay for services by the date indicated, PcPc shall be entitled to sever or terminate this Agreement and discontinue all related services. Additionally, PCPC may impose a minimum of $10.00 or 15% per month of the total amount due.

Revised: 03 November 2011